Security Guards

Data from the US and Europe regarding the availability of physical security in the form of security guards clearly shows the correlation between the presence of security guards and the decreased risk of a burglary.

Why choose security guards of PPS? In addition to the fact that we can offer fully uniformed security guards 24/7 who work in shifts, so they are always well rested and alert which secures their optimal performance, we guarantee to exclusively provide adequately trained security guards with eye for detail and an instinct for detecting unusual situations. Our security guards are always equipped with at least a wireless communication device and a PR-24 baton and regularly perform inspection rounds.

With the purpose of meeting the demands of the different sectors in the market as well as possible, our security guards are regularly provided with general hospitality training in addition to security training. In addition, we frequently provide our staff with sector-specific training, e.g. training focused on the mining sector. To guarantee quality assurance and customer satisfaction, our security guards are supervised 24/7 and monitored from our head office on a regular basis based on the defined requirements for that location as discussed with you.

The introduction of the Remote Security Center also allows you to opt for a combination of a video monitoring system and security guards.

The added value offered by PPS is mainly the timely notification of an unwanted situation and the subsequent alarm response which is initiated through our Control Room. Depending on the situation and if so required, the assistance of the police and fire department can be requested.

Interested? Please contact us to conduct an analysis of the location you would like to secure, free of charge.