There is always a real chance of a robbery, either at your home, in your store or at your office. PPS also offers various security solutions which can be used to minimize the damaging effects of robberies.

Depending on your situation you can opt for a panic button on location or a mobile panic button. This panic button can then be linked to an alarm system and/or a video system. The (wireless) electronic security system for robbery enables the communication of a silent or audible alarm notification to the PPS Control Room. The rapid notification and effective alarm response of our Control Room will expedite police notification and significantly increase the chances of catching the robber. Opting for a video monitoring system allows the possibility of two-way communication between the PPS Control Room and the location where the panic button is used. The PPS Control Room can communicate directly with the robbers and inform them that an alarm notification has been received, the robbers are visible on camera and that the police are on their way to the location. Operational experience has shown that robbers usually leave the location as quickly as possible in these types of situations.

Does this seem like a service you would be interested in? Contact us to make an appointment for a thorough analysis of the location you would like to secure.