About us

Proven to be your Security Professionals

Professional Private Security N.V. – PPS Security, established on 10 November 1990, has grown into the most versatile provider of security services in Suriname. Both electronic security and security guards are included in our service portfolio. We are proud to have established an extensive clientele, consisting of private persons, commercial companies, industrial companies, international organizations and government institutions.

Through our well trained, qualified employees, high quality equipment, 24/7 operational control room, 7 alarm dispatch centers and breakdown service we are increasingly meeting the requirements, needs and demands of our clients. Our current slogan is therefore rightfully: ‘Proven to be your Security Professionals’. ‘Proven to be your Security Professionals’.

All our achievements are the result of living up to our mission statement:

We are committed to be the Number 1 Provider of Integral Solutions for Security Needs in the Republic of Suriname.




Closely follows the developments with regard to security requirements in the market in general and among its customers in particular and where possible will anticipate these requirements.

Acknowledges the value of interaction and interdependence between all resources that are required to realize its objective and therefore very much values the principle of fair distribution of income and therefore: