Corporate Security Services

A total package for every segment and every level 

PPS offers a total package of security solutions for every segment and every level of the business sector. The benefits of choosing PPS, is that you can now monthly pay one amount to one service provider that provides you with all the security services you need.

In addition to the convenience that comes with this option, as a client you can also benefit from the cost-efficiency when you opt for (a combination of) our security services. Our corporate clients can choose from, amongst others, our service portfolio for security guards, installation of an electronic alarm system that is connected with our PPS Control Room, installation of a video monitoring system that is connected to our Remote Security System and transport of valuables.

It is also possible for potential clients who already have an alarm system to become our clients, since we can easily connect their existing alarm system to our Control Room. Part of the service package that comes with a subscription with PPS, is regular maintenance of the systems. The main benefit for the client is that components of the installation are timely serviced and replaced free of charge if necessary.


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