Remote Security Center

A recent and unique development in the security sector in Suriname is the launch of the PPS Remote Security Center (RSC).

The benefits of the RSC are the following:

  • Early visual detection
  • Swift alarm verification
  • High probability of apprehension of criminals
  • Minimization or even prevention of loss and damage
  • Cost savings

Alarm- and video verification
Real-time verification of an alarm notification through video images, with the option of pre-continuous and post-continuous video enhances the chance of catching criminals. It prevents and minimizes damage and/or theft. By adding one-way or two-way audio, our Remote Security Center can audibly communicate with unauthorized individuals, preventing (additional) damage and/or theft.

Remote Guard Tours
Cameras are monitored according to a predetermined frequency and rules as set by our clients. In case unwanted activities and/or individuals are detected, a full description of these activities and/or individuals including snapshots and short videos will be provided to the client and the authorities if required. By adding one-way or two-way audio, this service can also be used as a cost-saving alternative for physical security guards.

Video (snapshots) Audits
Managing company activities and assets from a distance with our “extra set of eyes” according to a predetermined protocol. The reports that include snapshots are the ultimate tool to monitor compliance with company policy of the entire organization, prevent damage or losses and improve the performance and productivity of employees.