Why work at PPS N.V.?

We invest in you
At PPS we cease every opportunity to further improve the performance of our services. We are the market leader in the field of security, and this is due to more than 24 years of experience in this field. Should you choose to work at PPS N.V., you will be sure to work at the best Security Company of Suriname!

You make a difference
At PPS Security and PPS Waardetransport (Transport of Valuables) you contribute to achieving Safety in Suriname. Your watchful eye will be used to take care of people and their personal safety and belongings. You are alert and can act quickly when necessary.

Be a part of our team
Although you often work independently, you are always part of a team. This does not only include superiors you can count on, but also colleagues you can share your ideas and inspiration with and customers who respect the work that you do. We are convinced that people who are fully committed can also bring out the best in others.

We believe in the strength of a team
While you are fully committed to our customers, we think it is important that we are committed to you and provide you with a sense of security. We offer you a salary that fits the work that you do and offer outstanding employees benefits and a stable work environment, as can be expected of a professional company.

We believe in an honest work environment.

HR Department
E-mail: secretariaathrm@ppsnv.com
Alg. telefoonnummer +597 476433 ext.245
Address: Burenstraat 33 Suriname Paramaribo.