The Application Procedure

The application procedure in 5 steps. What can you expect when you apply for a job with us?

Step 1: You apply for a position
You apply for a job that suits you. This can be done by sending a letter to our postal address or per email to Please include, among other things, your resume and the reason for your application. You can also drop by personally with your resume and diplomas and fill out an application form at the Secretariat of our HR department.

Step 2: We will review your application
We will carefully review the reason for your application and your resume. Should you comply with all requirements, we will invite you for a first interview with the department head of the department you applied for. (Online) Screening, for example through search engines and social networks is also part of the application procedure.

Step 3: Initial interview with candidate
This initial interview is about exchanging information. You would like to know more about PPS N.V. and we would like to learn more about you. Together, we will go through your resume and ask questions about the education that you have had. If both parties are satisfied, you will receive an invitation for a follow-up interview with HRM.

Step 4: Follow-up interview
In the follow-up interview we will discuss the position in more detail and the mutual demands and expectations are discussed. If we want to continue the process after the follow-up interview, this interview will be followed by the next step.

Step 5: The Employment Contract
If both PPS N.V. and you still feel that we are a good match, we will make an offer under the condition that you will pass the judicial and medical screening and have not been in trouble with the police or the legal system in the past. For this purpose, you will need to submit a Certificate of Good Behavior (in this stage, the request slip for the certificate will suffice). You will also be subjected to a medical examination at one of our company doctors. In addition, we may conduct a reference check at your previous employer(s). If you have committed a criminal offense in the past, you are not allowed to work in the security sector.

Good luck with your application!

HR Department
Alg. telefoonnummer +597 476433 ext.245
Address: Burenstraat 33 Suriname Paramaribo.